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Most popular mammals. View videos and photos of 50 of the most popular mammals in nature. Learn more about their biology, threats and conservation.

Here are the stories behind the most amazing images in the world of science this week. A recap of the coolest photos featured on Live Science.

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Both taeniodonts and tillodonts are part of the first wave of archaic mammals which dominated the Paleocene faunas but succumbed to competition with more modern mammals in the Eocene.

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Weird s: Strange but True Facts, Bizarre Amazing s.

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The Bizarre Alien Biology trope as used in popular culture. Extra-terrestrials are weird. Sometimes, really weird. They may look relatively normal or mind- …

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Ungulates (pronounced / ˈ ʌ ŋ ɡ j ə l eɪ t s /) are any members of a diverse group of primarily large mammals that includes odd-toed ungulates such as s and rhinoceroses, and even-toed ungulates such as cattle, pigs, giraffes, camels, deer, and …

Insectivore-like mammals: Tiny teeth and their enigmatic owners . It is widely known that placental mammals originated in the Mesozoic as small, unspecialized forms that can best be compared to the insectivores of the modern mammal fauna. Such shrew-like mammals are often imagined as the sole survivors of the events that wiped away the

The Hispaniolan solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) is one of the only extant venomous mammals. Its species separated from other insectivores at the time of the dinosaurs.

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The Cenozoic Era ( / ˌ s iː n ə ˈ z oʊ ɪ k, ˌ s ɛ-/) is the current geological era, covering the period from 66 million years ago to the present day.. The Cenozoic is also known as the Age of Mammals, because of the large mammals that dominate it.

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