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Word Study EZER KENEGDO. Usages of ‘ezer in the Old Testament show that in most cases God is an ‘ezer to human beings, which calls to question if the word “helper” is a valid interpretation of ‘ezer in any instance it is used.

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White Buffalo Woman This is a central myth of the Plains tribes, especially the Lakota, or Sioux. It tells how the Lakota first received their sacred pipe …

Sentence Fragments: How to Find and Repair them

Jewish law permits divorce as an unfortunate necessity; Civil divorce does not dissolve a Jewish marriage; A man can divorce a woman for any reason or no reason, but rabbinical law requires the woman’s consent

The position of woman in society has given rise to a discussion which, is known under the name of the ‘woman question’

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In the Bible, Eve is the first woman and mother of all the living. Learn about her accomplishments, character strengths, weaknesses, and life lessons.

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With particular care indeed! “Rengo Belt Reducing Corsets mould the stout woman’s figure into the long graceful lines that she has so often admired in other women.”

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Elizabeth Lucas Designs is a greeting card and gift products company that publishes, Warning, When I Am An Old Woman by Jenny Joseph.Elizabeth is …

Welcome to Susun Weed’s Wise Woman Center – Herbal Medicine for Women’s Health

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